Cove Interactive, LLC

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Our Promise
  • Design and Development for Web and Mobile

    Most of our services include web design, markup, development, hosting and configuration. We cater from small business to enterprise-level companies; from mobile apps to SaaS apps.

  • Wearables,AI, Voice, VR/AR, Automation

    We design and devolop Android/iOS apps, Apps for wearables, Virtual reality and Augmented Reality. Let us know what you need and will make it happen.

  • Services

    Financial and Analytical services, mergers and Acquisitions, Due diligence

  • Design for Print and Web / Branding

    We offer custom-tailored services for your business needs. From social media to high quality banner, magazine, flyer or even litho printing. Our top-notch branding experts will make your product or service leave an impact on the client. We will represent your brand.

Our Promise

Cove Interactive has a custom-tailored app for medical and financial needs for your company. And it is available for wearables, web/mobile platforms and even Virtual Reality. Our clients are ranging from restaurants to medical facilities across north America. We are not just an IT company but one-stop-shop IT service provider. We provide various services including infrastructure support, social media monitoring and email/hosting services. A dedicated best practices services team available 5 days a week - Let us be your IT department for all your needs.

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Medical, Financial custom solutions for wearables, web/mobile and AR platforms.

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